Stephen Colbert Brings Back 'Colbert Report' Alter-Ego to Dissect Trump's Budget Plan

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‘The Late Show’ host’s conservative persona was onhand to discuss the president’s recently proposed budget plan which would cut funding to programs like Meals on Wheels.

Stephen Colbert welcomed back his Colbert Report alter-ego to the Late Show on Tuesday night to discuss President Donald Trump’s latest budget plan. 

Colbert was quick to distance his “chief conservative pundit” from his Comedy Central persona. “That cuck? I could not be more different,” the red-tied Colbert insisted.

Emerging onto the Late Show stage brandishing his signature Elvish sword, Sting, and Captain America shield, Colbert’s right-wing doppelganger launched into a segment of “The Werd,” a slightly altered version of the skit he commonly featured on his Comedy Central show.

“Trump’s budget is getting heat because its supposedly cruel to old people for no reason,” Colbert said, as the words “Screw Unto Others” appeared beside him.

Colbert then discussed Trump’s proposed budget plan, which proposes cuts to funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, the EPA, and Meals on Wheels. “Do you know where food ends up?” Colbert asked. “We are literally throwing money down the toilet.”

The budget cuts proposed by Trump’s plan would instead be used to bolster military spending, which drew boos from the audience. Colbert defended the proposition, saying, “These food addicted seniors haven’t killed any members of ISIS, we need a different proram.” Onscreen, the words “Scones on Drones?” appeared.

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