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Jason Donovan came to the rescue of a woman he found collapsed on the pavement in London
The former Neighbours star was out on a run in Notting Hill, just seconds away from his home, last Friday, when he came across the woman, who appeared to have taken a nasty fall and was lying on her back.
The 50-year-old actor – who is set to duet with Sheridan Smith on the live finals of Britain’s Got Talent this week – was with the woman for around 15 minutes and was seen holding ice against her bruised cheek, he’s also believed to have spoken on the phone with 999 to find out how best to help the injured pedestrian.
An eyewitness told The Sun: “The woman was in a bit of a state.
“Jason was with her for around 15 minutes until the paramedics arrived. He stayed with her while they treated her on the pavement, but the other bystanders left. It looked like he was on the phone to 999 while they were waiting. (article continues below) Other All4Women readers liked…
“I think he went home to get some ice because he was holding a bag of it against her cheek. She had a very nasty, large bruise from where she had fallen.”
Jason is believed to have stayed with the woman until paramedics arrived on scene, but insisted he is “no hero” and was just doing what anyone else would have done
He said: “I’m no hero. I did what any responsible citizen would have done. I just wanted to help someone in need.”
Friends of the woman, whose current condition is unknown, are said to have contacted Jason to personally thank him for his efforts.

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