Democratic Debate Betting Odds Have Joe Biden Favored to Hug it Out

Democratic Debate

Bets Are on Biden

… To Get Touchy-Feely

6/25/2019 9:31 AM PDT


Joe Biden might not win this week’s Democratic debates, but he’s likely gonna win big money for degenerate gamblers betting on him to hug a female candidate during his debate.
The cyber-gambling site, SportsBetting.Ag, is offering tons of prop bets on the first debates — set for Wednesday and Thursday — and oddsmakers are banking on Biden to get touchy-feely with women onstage. 
You can bet on whether or not Biden hugs Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand or Marianne Williamson. Odds of Biden showing affection are -150 (2/3), meaning you need to wager $150 to win $100. The odds of Biden keeping his hands to himself are +120 (6/5), meaning a $100 wager pays $120. 
Other fun bets include curse words, withdrawals, apologies and if any candidates will utter trigger terms like “climate change” and “concentration camp.” 
Trump’s presence will be felt at the debate AND on betting lines. You wager on how many times the candidates will say “Trump,” with the over/under set at 20.5. There’s also a bet on how many times the candidates will say “impeach,” with an over/under of 2.5. 
As for turning Trump tweets into cash … you can wager on which Democrat he will mention by name first on Twitter, whether he will zing Elizabeth Warren with a “Pocahontas” reference, and how many times he will tweet about “Sleepy Joe” Biden — over/under 1.5. 
Bet at your own risk!

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