MAFS & BIP Stars Selling Personalised Videos On Cameo

It seems like a pretty cool gift – Buying your friend, family member or partner a personalised video from their favourite celeb.
And thanks to the app Cameo, this is now a reality.
The application allows you to pay a specific price to get one of the many famous people listed to film a shoutout to anyone of your choosing and saying whatever you want.
But after hearing about the latest editions to the app, we’re starting to question the definition of celebrity in this context…
While you can grab a video from some big names like Ice-T or Caitlyn Jenner some Aussie reality TV stars from shows like Married At First Sight and Bachelor In Paradise have also recently joined the site.
So if you’re looking for a personal shoutout from someone like Mike Gunner or Ning Surasiang from the most recent season of MAFS you can grab one for $20 per video.

There’s also names from other seasons of MAFS including Troye Delmege for $11 or Telv Williams for $10.

Mick Gould, Sean Thompsen, Dean Wells and Nadia Stamp of MAFS notoriety are also available on the app along with a number of names from Bachelor In Paradise.
The most surprising addition is Nathan Favro – Who was on Ali’s season of The Bachelorette and the most reason season of BIP – who is charging a whopping $100!

BIP’s Bill Goldsmith is charging $50 on the site, while his costar Elora Murger demands $70.

So if you’ve got a mega reality show fan in your life, we guess you know what to buy them for their next birthday…  

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