Prince Harry tells Meghan to ‘turn around’ and face the crowd at Trooping The Colour

A lip-reading expert has claimed that Prince Harry instructed Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, to turn around and face front during the Trooping the Colour parade to mark his grandmother’s official birthday.Royal watchers who pored over photos and video from the event believe Harry looked mildly irritated when his wife turned around to talk to him during the event.Meghan was standing in front of Harry and the pair were towards the back of the balcony.Lip-reading expert Jacqui Press told The Daily Mail that Harry appeared to say to Meghan: “Yes, that’s right,” the first time his wife turned to talk to him. He then seemed to say to the Duchess as she turned to face him again: “Turn around … look.”At that point, the national anthem started playing – and that’s when all of the Royal Family are expected to be facing forward.Video of the exchange was posted on social media by royal watchers who wondered whether there had been a tiff of some kind between the Prince and the Duchess.Camera IconNow it’s Prince Andrew who seems to have forgotten rules while Meghan and Harry face the crowd.Picture: AFPBut others said it was possible Harry had in fact been giving orders to some of the young royal children nearby to get them to come to attention for the anthem.Camera IconMeghan and Harry having a royal protocol debriefing after Trooping The Colour.Picture: AFPThe Trooping the Colour balcony scene had already attracted the attention of Meghan fans who were upset that in her first official royal appearance since the birth of Archie, she and her husband were positioned towards the back of the official party.

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