Wendy Williams and Son Kevin Hunter Jr. Out for Dinner in NYC


Wendy Williams and her son put his assault case aside to grab some grub together, as his legal drama could soon be coming to an end … if he plays his cards right.

The talk show host and Kevin Hunter Jr. were out in New York Thursday night, seen for the first time since he pled not guilty in a New Jersey courtroom Tuesday.

The 2 looked pretty relaxed, especially Jr. in sneakers, sweats and a white t-shirt with an interesting photo on it. Check it out … it’s a pic of one of Paul Cezanne’s paintings from his 1890s The Card Players campaign.


Perhaps Wendy’s son’s trying to say something here — he’s playing the hand he’s been dealt, he’s got good cards, or ya gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em — or maybe it’s just a shirt.

Either way … our sources tell us Kevin Jr. is likely on course for a conditional dismissal in his case, meaning he can completely clear his name if he stays out of trouble for a short amount of time.

As we’ve reported … Kevin Sr. has said he does not want to press charges against his son following their scuffle in a parking lot last month in which Jr. allegedly punched Sr. and got arrested for assault.

The incident has soured the father-son relationship, and while things have seemingly gotten a little better as Wendy and Kevin Sr. go through their divorce … it looks like Dad’s still not invited to dinner.

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