Perez Hilton Slams “D-List” Richard Reid In Brutal New Interview

Fresh from getting all up in Mischa Barton’s grill on The Hills: New Beginnings, celebrity gossip guru Perez Hilton has come for local personality Richard Reid.


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In an interview with Australia’s The Daily Telegraph, Hilton claimed that he was offered a role in last year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Australia and when he turned it down, it was then offered to Reid who went on to win the competition.

“No dis to him but I am an international icon and that Richard whatever his name is, is not,” he told the publication.
“I was on Skype with the executive producer and they ended up instead casting a D-List version of me.”
Despite turning down a spot on the beloved jungle comp, Hilton insists that he wants to one day work in Australia, labelling himself the “content king”.
“I would love to come and work in Australia in some capacity. I have the most insane work ethic. I am the content king,” he concluded.

In the most recent episode of The Hills spinoff, The Hills: New Beginnings, Hilton is confronted by newcomer Mischa Barton who calls him out for targeting her and other young girls during her time on The O.C.
Although Hilton initially tries to apologise for his vicious reporting on her physical appearance, Barton is unable to accept his half-hearted apology and the altercation ends with the gossip guy getting into a huff and storming off.
Have a go at the awkward yet triumphant scene below:

it’s disgusting how perez hilton tries to force mischa barton to simply forgive and forget all the harm he did to her and her career. he’s obviously still a bully. #thehills #thehillsnewbeginnings #mischabarton @thehills
— Maiderson Chrischon (@mchrischon) July 1, 2019

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