Cops Pulled Guns On Yankees GM Brian Cashman In Wild Video

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Scary moment for NY Yankees GM Brian Cashman … Connecticut cops had their guns pointed straight at him during a traffic stop last week — and the terrifying incident was caught on video.

52-year-old Cashman was stopped in Darien, Connecticut last Friday after cops mistakenly thought he had stolen the Jeep he was driving.

The police footage from the incident is intense … officers pointed firearms at the Yanks exec and screamed at him to get out of the car and slowly move toward them.

Eventually, cops realized Cashman did NOT, in fact, steal his own car … and the situation was diffused.

But, before officers let Cashman go, they had a funny interaction with the guy — recognizing him as the Yankees’ personnel man!!

“You look very familiar to me,” the cop says …

“I’m the GM of the New York Yankees,” Cashman responds.

“Yeah, I know,” the cop replies … “I used to see you at Brook Street Bagels when I was an Eastchester cop. I apologize for the embarrassment.”

Cashman was free to go after that.

The backstory behind the stop is wild … Cashman had his Jeep stolen in Connecticut a few weeks ago, and after it was found in the Bronx and returned to Cashman — he drove it back to Connecticut to have it processed for evidence.

But, Cashman says cops forgot to take the car off the stolen list when they returned it … and when Darien cops ran his license plate, it still came up as a stolen vehicle.

To make matters worse, Cashman says Darien police were already looking for a white Jeep after a man driving that car had allegedly brandished a gun in a local doctor’s office.

Everything has since calmed down for the GM … and he says he has no hard feelings for police after the wild scene.

“I have high respect for all law enforcement. They do an amazing job whether you’re in Connecticut and New York City — and sometimes unique circumstances can occur.”

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