Kylie Jenner’s Yacht Not Necessarily the Best Boat on the Ocean

Kylie Jenner is plunking down $1.2 million a week to charter Tranquility, a 300-foot mega-yacht.  By the way, add to that the fuel cost and at least a 30% gratuity for the crew of 29. Insane on so many levels, but there are other yachts that give her’s a run for her money.

Check out what we found

Flying Fox. She floats 446-feet strong … dwarfing Tranquility!!! There are 54 crew members to tend to your every need. It can be yours — temporarily — for $4.4 million a week. The likes of Jeff Bezos have opened their wallets to roam the oceans blue on this incredible ship.

Sailing Yacht A. Holy crap!!! It’s 468 feet. It accommodates 20 guests, with a crew of 54. It’s got everything … from a helipad to a spa and a gym, etc. etc. This $500 million boat is not for charter, but if you ya know the owner — Russian industrialist Andrey Melnichenko, well, you could get an invite.

Savannah. It’s 272 feet, a little shy of Tranquility, but get this. It has multiple pools and an underwater lounge!!! Kylie could’ve saved a little cash, because it charters for $1.36 mil a week.

Alfa Nero. Getting a little cramped — 266-feet long. It has an infinity pool and a helipad and there are 26 crew members for a maximum of 12 guests. It’s yours for $922,500 a week.

O’Ptasia. It’s 279 feet and you can luxuriate in the pool and also watch movies in the cinema.  The price is right — $890,000 a week.

Sunrays. It’s also 279 feet and accommodates 12 guests. There are 26 crew mates below deck.  This one’s so exclusive it doesn’t publicly list the charter price, but we’re told it’s a pretty penny.

Lady S. This one’s incredible. It’s 305 feet long, with a basketball court and an IMAX Cinema. It’s got a crew of 29 and, again, the price … well, if you have to ask.

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