TMZ Does the ‘IT Chapter Two’ Experience & Hollywood Funhouse

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Pennywise the Clown is back in town — meaning another freaky ‘IT’ pop-up has returned to L.A. — which TMZ got to check out … and now, with our help, you can float too!!!

The IT Experience: Chapter Two rolled into Tinseltown last Thursday — and over the weekend, our very own photog Charlie Cotton and his lovely wife, Erin, dove head first into the carnival-like attraction on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Vine Street.

It all ended in a nightmarish walk through Derry’s own circus funhouse, but before that … there was lots to do!!! The pop-up’s got some cool stuff — a Pennywise-themed Ferris wheel and classic carnival games served as a great warm-up before the final destination.

Check out this year’s ‘IT Experience’ — a bit more elaborate than 2017’s, seeing how it’ll take you roughly half an hour get through this thing. But, you also get more of it now.

Instead of sticking to the Neibolt house, you’ll actually visit more in-film locations this time — Mrs. Kersh’s apartment, the sewers, and the Chinese restaurant the Losers reunite in.

Long story short, it’s a ton of fun — and if you got a bit more spine than Charlie here … you should be all good to go. Good luck though, walk-up line times are running up to 6-hours long so far … and the pop-up sold out on reservation spots within 31 minutes of going up.

We can help you out though!!! Here’s the deal — TMZ is offering a jump-the-line pass if you book a tour with us through September 8. It’s like a shortcut … to HELL (kidding).

So, come one, come all … “IT” ain’t gonna be around forever. But “IT Chapter Two” will be in theaters on Sept. 6!!!

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