Celebrity Social Media Round-Up for September 20, 2019

Once in a while there’s a “celebrity twins” slideshow which is just celebrities that have the same bone structure, not real twins like the Olsens. But having said that, Courteney Cox and Demi Moore are actual twins. Like what the f-ck.

Justin and Hailey Bieber got two new kittens, Sushi and Tuna, to join their dog, Oscar. They are now outnumbered by their pets. So who is responsible for the poop, because you know that’s not a 50/50 job. Someone always does more. I’m guessing Justin is on litter box patrol.

Wait – Rooney Mara has a clothing line? Did we know this? I did not know this as she is so outside of the lifestyle realm and not someone I would have predicted to dip into a commercial venture. It’s vegan, which is a priority for her, and she’s already worn it on the red carpet. If she accompanies Joaquin Phoenix to the Oscars, will she trade Dior for Hiraeth?


Every few months, this clip from Part of Me goes viral on Twitter; the pinwheels on her breasts are a truly subversive moment. And while the marriage is a distant pop culture footnote, I don’t think we’ve ever really appreciated how much this divorce saved us from Russell Brand, at least in North America. We get like 90% less of him since they split. 

Rachel Zoe, who is no longer a stylist but still in the fashion world, throws and attends a lot of events and she’s always done up. This one caught my eye because it’s a party for a collaboration she did at Pottery Barn and everyone is pretty formal for a furniture store party on a weeknight, no? Full hair and makeup at Pottery Barn, you hate to see it. 

We know how statutes, wax or otherwise, can go very wrong. Even Ms. Tina approves. How many levels of approval did this go through, how many people had to OK it, before they would release it? It’s one thing to f-ck up a regular celebrity, it’s a whole other thing to incur the wrath of the BeyHive. This time, Madame Tussauds got it right.


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