Kim Kardashian’s Tweets for Brendan Dassey Won’t Get Him Special Treatment

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Kim Kardashian’s had the clemency golden touch, but her support for the early release of “Making a Murderer” convict Brendan Dassey won’t make any difference … so says the governor who’s making the call.
Dassey has been locked up for more than 13 years for the 2005 murder of photographer Teresa Halbach … he was 16 at the time of the killing. Dassey’s uncle, Steven Avery, was also charged with Halbach’s murder.

Last week, Dassey’s legal team issued a plea for clemency — and Kim got behind the motion — retweeting a handwritten letter from Dassey and saying, “Please @GovEvers Read this letter.”

However, no matter how many followers Kim has — about 62 million — or how many other prisoners she’s helped free … Governor Evers won’t treat Dassey any differently.
A rep for Evers tells us the Guv is aware of Kim’s interest but quickly added … Brendan’s case will be given the same thoughtful review and consideration as any other case.

Dassey’s story gained global attention in 2015 when Netflix aired a docuseries about the Halbach killing. The show painted Dassey as a victim of circumstance who didn’t have the mental capacity to carry out such a brutal crime.

Kim’s had an incredible record of success getting prisoners out from under overly-harsh prison sentences. She helped to free an astounding 17 inmates in 90 days, and earlier this week helped secure another man’s release.
If Dassey does finally get out, Kim might applaud it … but she won’t have a hand in it.

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