FaZe Banks Says Trashed Vegas Hotel Room Issue is Resolved

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FaZe Banks is a guy who knows how to clean up after his own mess, even if it takes a bit of time — at least that’s what we gathered when we asked him about his Vegas debacle.
We talked to the gaming guru — who founded the FaZe Esports collective — at the Logan Paul/KSI fight this weekend and he cleared the air with us on what exactly happened last month at the Encore at Wynn Hotel in Sin City, where his room was torn to shreds.
Banks comes clean with us here, saying he f***ed  the room — which caused over $30k in damage, BTW — and even apologizes for it too. A weekend in Vegas, as he puts it.

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You’ll recall … the hotel was pissed about the mess, and got cops involved … who were investigating for felony malicious destruction of property — a charge the carries a max sentence of 5 years in prison. Luckily, it didn’t get there for FB — he handled it.
The dude says he and the hotel are all good now, and that it’s all love — the implication being that he paid for the damage and is back in their good graces. Quite a guy, huh?!

We get around to talking about his fellow member FaZe Jarvis’ lifetime ban from ‘Fortnite’ after being caught cheating … and he gives us his thoughts on that too.
#FreeJarvis seems to be his takeaway.

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