Felicity Huffman’s Youngest Daughter Going to Vassar College, Scandal-Free


Felicity Huffman and Willam H. Macy’s youngest daughter is going to college — and kinda rubbing it in the face of her older sis, who’s still undeclared after Mom’s admissions scandal.
17-year-old Georgia Macy just updated her Instagram to say she’s a future Vassar College student — with her graduation year pegged as 2024. She also added a big ol’ “VASSAR” logo to her IG story … so it’s pretty clear she is celebrating big-time.

Now, Georgia isn’t the kid who got roped into the college admissions scandal earlier this year — that was Felicity and Will’s other daughter, Sophia Macy … who’s 19.
According to prosecutors, she was the one Felicity shelled out $30k to have her SAT test fixed to make sure she got a good score. Of course, Felicity pled guilty and did her time, brief though it was.
Since then, Sophia hasn’t announced she’s enrolled anywhere.


We have seen Sophia hitting the books lately, which could mean she’s ramping up for a second shot at college. AKA … the ol’ college try.
For now … congrats, Georgia!

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