State Org Urges Plastic Surgeons for Help Amid Coronavirus


Plastic surgeons can help a real cause … donating much-needed medical equipment to help doctors combat the coronavirus.
TMZ’s obtained this letter penned by the California Medical Association and sent to several prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeons — along with the rest of the state’s outpatient surgery/procedural facilities — to urgently redeploy resources to meet the coming increase demand for health care services.

What’s more … the CMA’s also desperately trying to take an inventory of ventilation equipment that may be able to be redeployed to hospitals and other facilities currently dealing with COVID-19 patients. Specifically, hospitals are in dire need of masks and gowns.
Plastic surgeons across the state are also being asked to take a survey “to help identify our current health care resources as we all scramble to deal with the COVID-19 emergency.”
If the CMA — a professional organization representing California physicians — says it’s asking for as much equipment as possible, this could put a damper on celebs who may wanna take this time to get a touch up via their plastic surgeon.
As we first reported … “Botched” star and doc Terry Dubrow says celebs are clamoring for plastic surgery while everyone is out of the public eye during the coronavirus pandemic.

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