Trump Assures America His Hair Is Real at Coronavirus Briefing

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Fox News

Here’s President Trump interrupting a coronavirus briefing to give Americans a very important message … his hair is real, and it’s spectacular!!!
Trump’s daily virus press briefing had a hilarious moment Monday at the Rose Garden … courtesy of Mother Nature, coronavirus testing kits and DT’s famous mane.
Ya gotta see the video … Trump’s touting the new FDA-approved 5-minute coronavirus test when a gust of wind sends the test box flying off the podium, and his hair starts flowing in the breeze.
Trump notices the box blowing away, instantly makes a comment, then praises himself and his locks.
The good news … it seems he’s finally getting on roughly the same page as Dr. Fauci.  Trump stressed the need for self-quarantining during the next 30 days. He said private companies are working on developing and manufacturing new tests, respirators and he said a company is working on sterilizing protective masks so they can be reused 20 times.
But, do you actually believe Trump when he says it’s real?!?

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