Chris Cuomo Shares Chest X-Ray and Reveals How He’s Fighting COVID-19

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Chris Cuomo is getting up close and personal about his battle with COVID-19 — and the reason he’s so intimate is because he wants folks to know they can fight and win.
The CNN anchor is still working and aired his x-ray Monday night during his show … and Dr. Sanjay Gupta joined him to evaluate the state of Chris’ lungs. Gupta says there’s definite signs of inflammatory fluid build-up … a tell-tale sign of coronavirus.
Chris passionately explained how he’s doing everything he can at home to avoid going to the hospital and adding one more patient to an already-flooded and overworked healthcare system in crisis at the moment. Sounds like what he’s doing — on his doctor’s advice — might well be working.
He told viewers he’s constantly moving — getting up, laying on his side, stretching, talking, whatever — to keep the virus on its toes, ’cause he says it’s banking on people becoming sedentary and passive as it sets up shop in the body … particularly in the chest.
Chris added that he truly feels this is happening to him for a reason — namely, to help others.

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