L.A. Orders Workers, Shoppers At Essential Businesses To Cover Faces

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Los Angeles is implementing a new coronavirus mandate that could eventually become standard across all major cities … everyone at an essential business is being ordered to cover their faces.
Workers and shoppers in L.A. will be required to wear non-medical grade face coverings starting Friday … as ordered by Mayor Eric Garcetti. It’s called the Worker Protection Order.
People can cover their faces with fabric, such as bandannas and scarves. The mayor says any essential business owner can deny admission or service to folks who aren’t covering their face.
The rules apply to essential businesses such as grocery stores, banks, convenience stores, warehouses, restaurants, laundromats, taxis, etc. The mandate is in addition to social distancing measures, and the mayor is encouraging retailers to install plexiglass to separate cashiers and customers at points of sale.
Employers are also required to provide face coverings or reimburse employees for the cost of coverings, provide access to clean and sanitary restrooms on-site, allow employees to wash their hands every 30 minutes and implement physical distancing measures.
Failure to comply with the order constitutes a misdemeanor subject to fines and imprisonment, according to the Mayor.
The goal is pretty clear … continuing to slow down the rapid spread of COVID-19.

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