TikTok Prankster Posts ‘I’m Sorry’ Vid for Stupid Subway Cereal Stunt

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Tik Tok / @fckjoshy

The TikTok star who’s getting destroyed for his asinine subway prank says he’s sorry, but much like his cereal stunt … the apology misses the mark.
As we reported … the TikTok prankster, @fckjoshy, dumped a large plastic bin full of Fruity Pebbles and milk on the floor of a NYC subway train Wednesday. The powerfully unfunny move was rightfully condemned by people online, the city’s transit agency … and we learned the NYPD is investigating too.

So, Fckjoshy posted a video Thursday in an apparent attempt to own up to his mistake and apologize to the MTA, essential workers and everyone else he affected with his prank … but people aren’t really buying it.
He claims he thought the stunt would be something to make people laugh and bring joy during the COVID-19 pandemic, but instead he was “way off the mark” and “went over the line.”
Joshy goes on to call himself a “f***ing idiot,” “public enemy #1” and says he wishes people could slap him. Alright, that part of the apology he nailed.
He also read 50 hate-filled comments — in a pretty a dispassionate way — and insisted he’s taking them all to heart. Maybe he is, but it sure didn’t sound like it.
Viewers are, understandably, skeptical of Joshy’s intentions — but watch for yourself and be the judge. Take 2, Joshy?

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