Get to Know Baron Vaughn, Host of SYFY Wire’s The Great Debate

When it comes to sci-fi, film, fantasy and horror, SYFY Wire’s The Great Debate host Baron Vaughn is your guy.In this exclusive rapid fired Q&A ahead of tonight’s premiere, the 39-year-old comedian proves he is a pop culture pro by answering a series of questions relating to superheroes, zombies, movies and more.For starters, the Grace and Frankie alum kicks off the Q&A by revealing his favorite childhood superhero—and his answer may surprise you!”My favorite childhood superhero was probably Meteor Man, as portrayed by Robert Townsend,” Baron expresses in the clip.Sorry, Superman!As for his dream superpower? Baron says he simply wants “incredible riches” à la Iron Man and Batman’s Bruce Wayne.Now, if you’ve ever had a strong opinion about whether superheroes should have capes, Baron’s got his hot take for you. “No cape,” he quips. “Cape is when you’re a superhero going to the Met Gala.”

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