Police Arrest Man Who Snatched George Floyd Fliers for Alleged Assault

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6:23 PM PT — The Maryland-National Capital Park Police say detectives have arrested and charged the cyclist, Anthony Brennan III, with three counts of second-degree assault. Cops say an arrest warrant was issued and he turned himself in to detectives.
Police say Brennan forcibly grabbed the flyers from one of two female victims, then pushed his bicycle towards the male victim and caused him to fall to the ground before leaving the scene.
Cops also say they got hundreds of tips that lead to Brennan’s arrest, and they’re thanking the community for sharing information, and thanking the victims for coming forward.
Cops in Maryland are on the hunt for a man some are calling a male ‘Karen’ — video shows him swiping signs from a kid trying to honor George Floyd.
Here’s the deal … the Maryland-National Capital Park Police are searching for a guy they say was involved in an assault Monday morning on the Capital Crescent Trail near Bethesda.

They were putting up signs to commemorate the death of George Floyd. He wasn’t having it. pic.twitter.com/eukrXrxoLN— Victor Stoddard (@VicStoddard) June 4, 2020

One alleged victim shot video of the enraged mystery man — decked out like he’s prepping for the Tour De France — approaching a young girl and ripping something out of her hand while bystanders scream and watch in horror, pleading with him to leave her alone.
The girl was reportedly putting up signs in the park commemorating Floyd, but, for some reason, the guy wasn’t having it.
After scaring the girl, he turned on the person shooting video and bum-rushed them with his bike … until someone went down hard. Now, cops want the public’s help tracking down this jerk.
Originally Published — 6/4 5:28 PM PT.

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