D.A. Investigating After P.A. Cop Put Knee On Man’s Neck, New Video

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6:32 PM PT — 7/13 — Allentown PD just released surveillance video from the incident, which cops say was captured from across the street.
In the video, you see the moment cops and the man fall to the ground and the ensuing struggle, plus the cop putting his knee to the man’s neck and eventually taking it off.
6:25 AM PT — 7/13 — The Allentown Police Department announced there’s an investigation into this incident being reviewed by the Lehigh County D.A.’s Office, and the department’s also conducting an internal investigation over use of force. The D.A. has also assigned 2 county detectives to the investigation.
Allentown PD says part of the investigation will include reviewing the video posted on social media, witness statements and additional videos of the interaction.
Allentown PD says this all began when APD officers observed a male outside a hospital who was vomiting and staggering on the street. They say the erratic behavior resulted in cops and hospital staff interacting with the individual, who began to yell, scream and spit at officers and hospital staff.
Cops say, “as the officers attempted to restrain the individual, all parties fell to the ground.” They say the individual continued to be noncompliant which required officers to restrain the individual. The man was escorted to a hospital for treatment and later released.
The D.A.’s office is expected to issue a statement when its review is complete later this week.
A Pennsylvania city is the latest to deal with the outrage over cops holding a man down with a knee to the neck … and the incident was captured on video, quite by accident.
A man was driving on a street in Allentown Saturday afternoon when he saw cops trying to subdue a man. A few seconds into the video you see an officer in the same position that killed George Floyd and others.
The man recording the incident says what he’s watching makes it clear … black lives don’t matter to these cops.
Famed Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump was among the outraged, saying, “Allentown Police held down this man’s face to the pavement and then one of its officers placed their knee on his neck!! This happened yesterday and is exactly what led to #GeorgeFloyd’s death.  We need this officers name and bade# NOW #ICantBreathe.”
The police dept. recently banned the use of chokeholds and other neck restraints, so at the very least this would seem to violate department policy.

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Protests erupted in the area — organized by Black Lives Matter — once the video was posted on social media. The Mayor and Police Chief showed up to keep the peace.
It’s unclear why police were trying to subdue the man. Police have not released any details, including the man’s condition.
Originally published — 7/12 7:18 AM PT

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