Kanye West’s Veep Pick Has Odd Take on Mental Health


The woman Kanye West has pegged for his Vice President describes herself as a “Biblical life coach,” but she also has a mental health background, and some of her past statements on the subject are … interesting.
Michelle Tidball is the “obscure preacher from Wyoming” Kanye named as his running mate in his instantly infamous interview with Forbes, and though not too much is known about her … here’s her talking about mental illness.

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TMZ obtained audio of Tidball, which has since been removed from her Yarash.org website, in which she states a key to handling mental illness … is doing house chores.
In the clip, listed as from a Bible study session from June 2017, Tidball suggests … “If you would get up every day and make your bed and do your dishes — you would be better.” She adds that in her 10 years working with the mentally ill … none of them made their beds or did their dishes.

According to Tidball’s bio — which has also now been pulled from her site — she has pursued God since she was 6 months old and was “slipping away into a crib death.” She says she remembers God visiting her in the hospital and she made the decision at 17 to follow him for life.
She claims she has “various degrees in mental health and criminal justice.” We’ve confirmed she earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Wyoming in 2003.
Michelle says she worked as a mental health therapist for 10 years before transitioning to life coaching to help people get “unstuck” in their lives “using biblical principals and wisdom.”
According to her site, she offers life-coaching sessions for the “suggested donation” of $65 for 50 minutes.
Michelle hails from the city of Cody, which is where Kanye has spent a great deal of time the past few years … though he made no public mention of her until the Forbes interview.
Her background in mental health is obviously interesting … as we told you, we’re told Kanye’s going through a serious bipolar episode right now.
Our sources say his loved ones are concerned and feel his mental illness is affecting his decision-making and controversial statements … like announcing his presidential candidacy, and speaking with Forbes.

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