MLB Ump Joe West Bloodied After Accidental Bat To Head, Returns After Stitches

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Courtesy of MLB

2:02 PM PT — West just returned to the field … now umping from third base.
Washington Nationals broadcasters say he required stitches to close the wound.
Scary scene on the diamond Thursday … MLB ump Joe West took an accidental bat to the side of the head — and was forced to leave the game after he couldn’t stop the bleeding.
It all went down just a few minutes ago in the Nationals vs. Blue Jays game in D.C. … when Toronto star Bo Bichette swung at a pitch but accidentally let the bat slip from his grasp.
The piece of lumber went backward, connected right to the side of 67-year-old West’s head … and immediately, players signaled for trainers to rush over.
West was bleeding profusely from his ear area … and despite medical personnel pressing a towel on the wound — he was forced to go into the locker room for further treatment.
It should be noted … West didn’t seem out of it, and cameras actually caught him smiling — but there’s been no official update from MLB on his status yet.
Originally Published — 1:47 PM PT

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