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Mark says she had no previous connections to many of the big names she interviewed when they started their website. Instead, she praises cold-emailing and networking for helping her make the connections her team started forming in the industry.

“People I would think I would be nervous about, like Reese Witherspoon, I’m not so nervous with. But Arianna Huffington?” Mark says. “Super nervous.” That likely has something to do with the fact that Mark says Huffington is a huge inspiration to her and looks up to how she grew the Huffington Post.

As a young business owner, Marks says Huffington has taught her the importance of always getting enough sleep and taking care of yourself.

“Everyone’s always go, go, go on their phones 24 hours a day, you can never not respond to an e-mail,” Mark says. “But I think hearing someone really successful stress the importance of maybe slowing down a little bit was also really nice.”

To this point, Mark adds that “being a girl boss is great,” especially with “everyone supporting each other and rallying around that movement.” However, she says it’s also important to note that it’s “not Instagram worthy all the time.”

“I think it’s easy especially with Instagram and social media for everyone to look like they’re living their best life all the time,” Mark says. “But running a company and being responsible for people is a big responsibility.”

Part of that includes navigating difficult situations, like defining company culture or raising money. Mark says it’s equally important to acknowledge your accomplishments along the way as well.

For those looking to turn their own passion projects into their full-time job, Mark says the most important and difficult part is to “just do it and start trying.”

“If you just do it, you’re already way ahead of everyone else who is still just talking about their idea,” she says. “I really think just getting out there and putting the effort into trying is about 80 percent of it all.”

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