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CLINTON — Mercy Medical Center in Clinton continues to offer a program aimed at helping women in active treatment for cancer.

Mercy Medical Center offers a Look Good Feel Better program for women with cancer. The program, which Mercy Medical Center has offered for the last two years, teaches beauty techniques to women in active treatment to help combat the appearance related side effects of cancer treatment. The program hopes to improve the self esteem and quality of life of people who are going through treatment for cancer.

“It really is a wonderful class,” Mercy Healthcare Foundation and Marketing Director Julie Dunn said. “It helps with energy levels and changes they are going through. It focuses on helping them with their appearance and helping them look and feel good.”

Shelby Eickert, owner of Stephanie’s Image Designers, is one individual who hosts the quarterly class. She stated the program focuses on helping women with cancer going through a variety of appearance issues, from dry skin and skin sensitivity to losing hair and eyelashes and eyebrows. She stated the one day, two hour class is beneficial in giving participants a place to talk about their cancer experience with others who can relate to their experiences.

“Anyone who participates is given tips on how to handle the effects they are going through when they have cancer,” Eickert said. “It also gives them an opportunity to meet with a group of others who are going through similar situations. It really seems to help them.”

The Look Good Feel Good class is also hosted by Stephanie Eickert, a professional cosmetologist with Stephanie’s Image Designers, and Lisa Law, a registered technologies therapist with Mercy Medical Center’s Radiation Oncology Center and a licensed cosmetologist. The program looks to help women feel good about themselves while going through cancer treatment or having recently completed cancer treatments. Eickert and Law were trained through the American Cancer Society.

“Look Good Feel Better is a program that truly is designed to do exactly what it says, help women look and feel better during their cancer journey,” Mercy Medical Center Community Health and Wellness Coordinator Andrea Barnett said. “Women walk into the class feeling apprehensive and leave feeling like a new person, not only because of the makeup, but because of the experience. I would strongly recommend every woman that is going through this journey to experience a Look Good Feel Better class. You will walk out of the class with a positive outlook along with new friendships.”

The Look Good Feel Better program is open to 10 participants. The classes are offered in two hour sessions. The participants are given the opportunity to learn skin care and beauty tips. The program also helps participants learn ways to cope with hair loss through the use of wigs, scarves and other accessories.

The next class scheduled for the Look Good Feel Better program is from 10 a.m. to noon Nov. 6. Eickert said an individual can sign up for the event themselves or a family member can register an individual on their behalf. Anyone interested in registering or seeking additional information for the event can call (800) 227-2345.

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