Are Jerry Seinfeld And Jimmy Kimmel Feuding? New Details On Their Alleged Rift

Are Jimmy Kimmel and Jerry Seinfeld at war?

Are Jerry Seinfeld and Jimmy Kimmel feuding?

Legendary comic and sitcom creator Jerry Seinfeld allegedly hates fellow funnyman Jimmy Kimmel. A new report says Seinfeld has no good feelings at all toward the late-night TV host and doesn’t ever intend to appear on his show. No one can explain Seinfeld’s feeling toward Kimmel, just that he doesn’t like the comedian and host and he doesn’t want to work with him in the future. 

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Kimmel, for his part, is reported to bear no ill will to Seinfeld and isn’t sure why the comedy icon hates him. 

What’s going on with the Seinfeld-Kimmel beef? Read on for more details.

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