Pro Bowler With Glorious Afro Busts Out Incredible Victory Dance

Pro Bowler

With Glorious Afro

Best Victory Dance Ever?!

1/28/2019 4:02 PM PST

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He looks like he’s straight outta “Kingpin” … but pro bowler Kyle Troup is very much the REAL DEAL — and when he hit a strike in a PBA tourney, he busted out one of the grooviest celebrations ever. 

Troup — sporting the kind of afro that would make Bob Ross proud — was competing in the Lubbock Sports Open over the weekend … when he started throwing rocks in the 2nd frame.

Out came the hair pick — fused with some swaggy dance moves — and it started the momentum that turned the match his way. 

Ultimately, Troup defeated Rhino Page and moved on to the semi-final round where he was ultimately defeated by a guy with an inferior hairstyle. 

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