Brad Pitt: He And Oldest Sons Pax And Maddox Are ‘Significantly’ Closer Since His And Angelina Jolie’s Divorce

Rumor has it that there was one good thing coming out of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce! It turns out that the split has helped the man and their two oldest sons to get along a lot better than before.

Meanwhile, Jolie and Pitt’s custody agreement got him an ‘an increase in his custodial time with the kids.’

Besides, an insider told HollywoodLife that ‘Brad will enjoy shared time with the kids over Christmas. His brand new agreement with Angelina allows them to split time with the kids over the holidays and they will all be spending time in L.A., close to each other.’

That sounds great! Brad wanted a drama-free holiday season with the bunch, and it looks like he’s, fortunately, getting exactly what he wished for.

The source also claimed that ‘Brad’s relationship with the two older boys has improved significantly since the split. While things are not perfect, they are all getting along well and the boys and Brad are in a good place.’

It definitely took a lot for Brad to fix his relationship with the sons considering that things haven’t been the greatest between them since the plane incident back in 2016 that pretty much ended Brangelina.

As you may remember, Angelina decided to file for divorce at the time after a fight up in the air during a flight from France to the States.

TMZ reported at the time that Jolie was not happy about the way Pitt was parenting their six kids.


The divorce has been a huge and lengthy war but at least they are finally starting to make progress, starting with the signing of the custody agreement.

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