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Joanne Larby has shared an emotional post about her battle with anxiety.

The blogger, who’s better known as the Makeup Fairy, revealed that she has been suffering from panic attacks, and she has to “put on a brave face”.

Taking to her blog, the Dubliner wrote that this was the most difficult post she’s ever written.

“Today was a bad day, I woke up with a headache after another sleepless night and felt an impending doom ahead of having to pry my head from the pillow,” she explained.

Emotional: Joanne admitted she suffers from anxiety

“Although I haven’t been sleeping well the past few nights the moment I wake up in this mode all I want to do is cradle the pillow and lay there.

“The last thing I want to do is put on a brave face, but make no mistake, I don’t want sympathy either. I actually want to be as far away from the people I love as possible,” she added.

Opening up about her “triggers”, Joanne said she often suffers from panic attacks, and that it can be seen as a form of weakness.

“Mental health can be torture for so many and it’s still such a taboo subject,” she admitted.

“There are assumptions that panic attacks are a sign of weakness or a lack of progress, they can signify one step forwards and ten steps back for someone with anxiety.

“For weeks on end I can feel strong and able to take on the world, I skim past successes without a pat on the back, I take for granted feeling light and trouble free and then boom, it’s back with a bang.

“There can be triggers, your past plays a huge factor, new fears can manifest or sometimes you’re simply over worked, over tired and just over feeling a sad,” she added.


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