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The war against Negan is officially a go!

On The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 1, different factions rallied up their troops to wage war on the villain who has plagued them for a little too long. 

When the episode got underway, we got to see an upset version of Rick and an old and happy version of the character. Thankfully, the older version seemed fine, which seemed to allude to the fact that he, Carl, Michonne, and Judith make it out of the war in one piece. 

They were all cohabitating like a family, and the threat of the undead did not seem all that scary. Had they grown too wise to the undead or was the world in a much better place? We have no idea, but this was definitely an intriguing opening. 

When we returned to the present, everyone was getting ready for the war with Negan and Maggie was glad to be along for the whole process … even if she was pregnant. 

“They say you can wage war through the second trimester,” she said with a grin. 

Rick and Gabriel chatted about the amount of trouble Negan had caused for everyone and how it was getting out of hand. 

The group flawlessly took out the men who were on the lookout posts for the Saviors. They needed them gone in order to press on with the next stage of the operation for revenge. 

Controlled explosions were carried out along a path to the Sanctuary. The group was taking the war right to Negan’s front door, and it was not a moment too soon.

Some of the group assembled right outside the Sanctuary and shot some bullets to let everyone inside know there was an express delivery. 

Negan walked out with Eugene, Dwight, Simon, Gavin, and Regina. Negan was quick to point out that Rick was causing all of the trouble because he wanted to see whose penis was bigger. 

Rick wanted the Saviors to know they could walk away, and not participate in a fight to the death but was not part of the plan.

Enter Gregory, who threatened the people from Hilltop with their families being shunned from the colony if they did not leave the fight. 

“The Hilltop stands with Maggie!” yelled Jesus to a stunned Gregory. His reign was over, and Simon was done listening to him, so he shoved him down a flight of stairs. 

Rick then pulled a Negan and counted down from ten, but decided it was time to open fire before he counted down to zero. 

That moment essentially resulted in a massive gunfight and Rick blew something up near to the Sanctuary to keep the walkers on their way to wreak holy hell. 

Rick almost killed Negan, but Gabriel made him step away and try to find the others because there would be time for that late. Rick made his getaway. 

Gabriel’s conscience got the better of him and just when he tried to save Gregory, Gregory ditched him and stole his vehicle. Ultimately, Gabriel found himself in a horrible trailer with Negan. 

“I hope you got your s—tin’ pants on,” said Negan with a smile.

“’cause you are about to s— your pants.”

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