706 movie review: A drab whodunnit

706 movie review: 706 turns out to be one more of those terrible could-have-beens.

706 movie cast: Atul Kulkarni, Divya Dutta, Mohan Agashe, Raayo S Bakhirta
706 movie director: Shravan Kumar
706 movie rating: One star

A little boy has visions. He knows things about a doctor (Dutta) whose husband (Agashe) has been missing for ten days. He knows things about a cop (Kulkarni) who is investigating the disappearance.

What are these secrets? How are the deaths of a woman in Varanasi and a man in Mumbai connected? There appears to be enough meat in the story for an engrossing who-dun-it.

But 706 turns out to be one more of those terrible could-have-beens. Ill-constructed scenes are piled up with characters explaining their every move. A romantic angle is bunged in, with the popping up of a neurotic depressive (Bakhirta), and the lines keep getting increasingly more bizarre.

You begin watching this in the hope that the two seasoned lead actors will give us something. But both Kulkarni and Dutta are left to fend for themselves, the former having to grapple with a ‘baba’ who says things like ‘uss ladke ke andar pishaach ghusa hua hai’; the latter with a lonely ‘spirit’.

You wonder how Dutta’s psychiatrist can keep a straight face while saying: ‘main dawaai kam deti hoon baat zyaada karti hoon’. Which almost pips this one: ‘love ek chemical reaction hai’.

You don’t say.

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