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Find out how the test bench puts in the hard miles of F1 testing before the cars hit the track.

By Paul Keith

Everyone knows that testing in Formula One is an expensive business and time on track is very limited. Designing new cars takes time, with the different departments of the F1 factory needing to engineer key parts before the car can take to the track.

So how do you give the R&D team time to research and develop while also testing each component before you head to the test track? That’s where the test bench comes in. Just as drivers can learn tracks and experiment with set up in an F1 simulator, so the engineers can use the test bench to work on real components such as the chassis in conjunction with virtual components like the tyres, engine and tracks.

Join host David Coulthard in the player above for the first episode of AHEAD, as he lifts the lid on how advanced engineering helps make circuit racing quicker, safer and more exiting.

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