Couple Gets Married During Southwest Airlines in Front of Passengers

Love is in the air!

A couple who met on were married aboard their Southwest Airline flight in front of an entire airplane of witnesses.

Skylee Campbell, who shared videos of the moment on Facebook, caught the moment Michael and Renee, whose last names remain a mystery, got married in front of an entire plane of travelers heading toward Baltimore from Las Vegas.

Walking down the aisle of airplane seats to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect,” Renee smiled at her fiancé Michael and at the passengers quickly gathering their phones to capture the moment. She wore a white wedding dress, a white veil and a small yellow rose as she reached Michael, dancing the last few steps toward him.

The flight’s pilot, according to Yahoo! Lifestyle, officiated their wedding through the intercom – and he wowed the crowd with his hilarious but yet emotional service.

Michael and Renee were married in front of an entire plane of witnesses

“They met each other four years ago and this weekend decided to make it at least another four years,” the pilot joked, causing laughter among the surprised audience. “They met on a date — and yes, ladies and gentleman, it really does work.”

Renee walking down the Southwest Airlines aisle in front of passengers

Renee walking down the Southwest Airlines aisle in front of passengers

Skylee Campbell

“They were in beautiful Baltimore when they met and it’s happily ever after from there,” he continued.

In Campbell’s video, the pilot asked Michael to repeat the vows: “I, Michael, take you, Renee, to be my wife, my partner in life, and my travel companion when I become a Rapid Reward Member today, tomorrow and forever,” which referenced the airlines rewards program.

The newlyweds began their new life together by dancing down the aisle and back to their seats to Chris Brown’s “Forever.”

A spokesperson for the airlines did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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